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Carrie Underwood Blasted for Liking Anti-Mask Tweet

Medical professionals and many kinds of people weren’t pleased with Carrie Underwood , this week, after she “liked” an anti-mask tweet, from conservative commentator Matt Walsh.

Walsh tweeted a video from a Nashville School Board meeting where he argued about, “the cruel and indefensible mask mandate for children.”

Many questioned why Carrie would like the tweet – or any politically charged message – and align herself with Walsh, whom one user called, “sexist, homophobic, & racist bigot.”

Walsh responded, of course, by tweeting more separational controversy – it’s his job.  EVERYone is entitled to his or her opinion.

[Walsh:  “Carrie Underwood liked my video and now the mob is coming for her.  She should know better than to like something that they don’t like.  This is an unforgivable sin.”]

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