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Carly Pearce Lost Her Two Front Teeth – Still Performed at CMAs

Carly Pearce knocked out her two front teeth, after a fall on Halloween – but she performed at the CMAs, anyway.  Pearce was wearing a temporary device, for all that singing.  She’ll get new, permanent replacement teeth, soon.

It was quite a week for Carly, because she was supposed to have performed a duet with Lee Brice, to perform their nominated song, “I Hope You’re Happy Now.”  But Brice caught Coronavirus, the week before, and had to cancel.  Pearce was able to get Charles Kelley, from Lady A to stand in for Brice.  And it was this same week, in which Pearce found out the song was the winner, for Event of the Year.  


Carly Pearce was doing an interview at the CMAs on Wednesday, talking about the usual stuff, when out of nowhere she said this:  Quote, “People don’t know, but on Halloween I fell and knocked my two front teeth out. 

“I had a bunch of stitches in my mouth, looked completely different than what I looked like right now, and it was kind of scary because I knew I was going into the biggest week of my life.”

She was wearing some kind of temporary device and looked the same as usual.  Plus, everyone knew about her and Charles Kelley performing “I Hope You’re Happy Now” . . . which they pre-taped on Sunday.

And yet, things were still touch-and-go.  Quote, “I was fortunate to get doctors that helped and knew the pressure I was under.  But with every day, I was like, ‘Please, Lord, let my face heal so I can do this, because this is such a huge moment.'”

She added, quote, “Right now I just have a little issue on my top lip and after [this] I gotta go get new teeth.”

Pearce says she was in her pajamas and doing radio interviews – the day before – when she found out her duet with Lee Brice on “I Hope You’re Happy Now” had won Musical Event of the Year.  There were happy tears.  (Check it out.)

It was welcome news for Carly.  In a new interview with People she says she “felt like dying” when she split up with Michael Ray.  Quote, “There were moments I seriously did not know if I could breathe.  It was awful.  It is awful.”

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