Candy Corn Bratwurst Is Real – and It’s Selling Out

The candy corn bratwurst business is booming, up north of us, “behind the cheese curtain.”

Two Wisconsin butchers have created “a treat which is not a trick” – when it comes to taste.  It’s called “‘Spook’Toberfest.”  ABC affiliate WKOW has a picture…  You can see the candycorn, inside each brat.

When they were asked how the haunted holiday treat came about, the butchers say it was “just a trip to the grocery store and it clicked.”  It sold out quickly, in a Madison store, called Jenifer St. Market.  The wursts are made by combining brats from Louie Brewing Oktoberfest with candy corn, which the market calls “slightly sweet & not scary at all.”

Everyone who has tried the treats says the meat and candy mix was “honestly delicious.”  It’s not too far from brown sugar on ham, right?

[I have had cranberry bratwurst, from Trig’s Smokehouse in Wisconsin, and it’s very tasty.  So are the “Door County Cherry” and the “Green & Gold.”  ~ Mo ]

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