Can You Guess Keith Urban’s Favorite Post-Concert Activity?

Keith Urban told People, in a recent interview, that his favorite thing to do after a show is to drive.

I love driving, and almost everywhere I go, I’ll rent a car; so that I can drive myself everywhere,” he shared.

I especially love driving after a gig.  If it’s just a little hike to wherever I’m staying, it’s heaven to just be in the car, on my own, after a show.  It’s really nice coming off a stage with such an intense, rowdy environment, to then immediately be in a car with something calm playing, or just some Ray Charles or something just completely chill,”

Urban added, “I like the quiet isolation.”  Keith has many drives ahead of him as he’s performing a Las Vegas residency, with shows in March, June, July, and November.

Wonder if we’ll see him cruising around Chicagoland, after his headlining show, up at Country Thunder, in July?

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