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Maybe you’re planning to talk to your mom on Sunday.  And apparently, for about 1.5% of you . . . that’s the only time you’ll talk to her this year.



Just in time for Mother’s Day, a new survey asked people how often they call or text their mom.  And of the people whose moms are still with us, the most common answers are daily or a few times a week.  Both of those got 30% of the vote.



7.5% of people talk to their moms monthly . . . 1.5% talk to their mom twice a year . . . 1.5% once a year . . . and 7.5% say less than once a year or never. We should all call our moms more!



So when you call your mom . . . WHAT do you call your mom?



The survey found the most common answer by far is mom, at 48.5%.



12% of adults still use mommy . . . 10% use mother . . . 10% use mama . . . and 7% use ma.  And then there are 3% of people who call their mom by her first name.