Bye Bye Tik Tok? A Bi-Partisan Group Works to Protect Americans from Chinese Interference

Tik Tok may go away.  Congressional leaders react to national intelligence briefings, which indicate that China’s government uses the popular app to spy on, influence and interfere with American citizens and our institutions…  and they do it under the guise of pop-culture.

The social media outlet must either be sold from Chinese government ownership to private, or it will be banned in the U.S.  This has been a real safety and security concern for American safety and security (of citizens, public utilities and businesses) for over a year.

It has also been (like many other social media) assessed as damaging to the thought processing in younger brains, in particular.  It lowers attention span and spreads disinformation, which lowers ability to think critically, as well.

Meanwhile, social platforms ebb and flow in popularity.  FB is still a leader; but is it for older people?  What about Threads?  Do you use X, formerly Twitter?

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