McDonald’s Happy Meals are for kids. And it makes sense that they’re only for kids . . . because adults aren’t always so happy. And that’s where Burger King’s latest shot at McDonald’s comes in.
They just announced five new “real meal” boxes for adults because, quote, “No one is happy all the time.” And they all come with a Whopper, fries, and a drink.
The moods on Burger King’s five boxes are: the Pissed Meal . . . Blue Meal . . . Salty Meal . . . Yaaaas Meal . . . and DGAF Meal. Yeah, some of those are definitely trying too hard, but it’s still a pretty good bit overall.

They came up with the not-happy meals as part of a partnership with Mental Health America . . . and they say the point is to raise awareness of mental health issues.
For now, the boxes will be available at a small handful of stores through this month. Here’s the complete story from Chewboom.

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