Buffett Guitarist Recalls Joyful Performer’s Final Hours

Jimmy Buffett’s longtime guitarist now shares some remarkable moments, which he shared with the late legend, in his final hours.

In a new interview, Mac McAnally reveals some of Buffett’s final words.  McAnally says, “I saw him 24 hours before he was gone…  and he was smiling wider than his head and saying, ‘What a hell of a ride, keep it going, keep the party going’ and it’s our intention to do that.

McAnally goes on to say, “I didn’t know what to say and I didn’t know if I could talk without crying, but I picked up a guitar and played.  And we told a couple of tour stories and laughed.  And he made sure that I knew that he wanted nobody to be sad, and everybody to keep the joy that he started rolling, rolling.”

Have you ever had to say a permanent goodbye to someone?  How did you do it?

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