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British Officials Deem Noah’s Ark ‘Unseaworthy’

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An exact replica of Noah’s Ark built to serve as a Biblical museum has been stuck in the U.K. for 19 months because officials have deemed it “unseaworthy.” The 230-foot-long vessel, which was built in accordance with the Bible’s specifications, left Holland in 2019 and docked in Ipswich – where U.K. Maritime officials impounded it because they decided it couldn’t handle an ocean voyage. “We do have concerns about this vessel and we cannot rely on the grace of God that it can be safely towed to Holland,” reads a report from the U.K.’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Meanwhile, the ark has been chalking up a daily storage fine of $700 – meaning its owner, Dutch TV producer Aad Peters, now owes more than $17,000 to get his ark back. For his part, Peters says the ship is a “non-certified floating object” and it shouldn’t have to comply with international regulations.

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