Brantley Gilbert To Release Deluxe Edition Of ‘So Help Me God’ Featuring Five New Songs

Brantley Gilbert will release a new, deluxe edition of “So Help Me God” on April 21st, that includes five extra songs. I am so looking forward to this r4elease, I’ve been a fan since “A Modern Day Prodigal Son”.

All 15 songs on the deluxe album were co-written by Gilbert, including his current single “Heaven By Then,” which he co-wrote with Blake Shelton and Vince Gill.

“We’ve always been a little outside of the box when it comes to writing and recording. It’s not necessarily something we’ve done on purpose, but it tends to happen because we always try to serve the song as it takes shape rather than shaping the song to serve us. If a song is asking for a harder edge, let’s do that,” Gilbert said about his music making process.

What do you think about Brantly Gilbert’s new song, “Heaven By Then?” It’s a hit to me!