Brantley Gilbert Halts Show to Confront a Fan for THIS
Brantley Gilbert Stops Show to Confront a Man Who Punched a Girl in the Crowd
Please note the following story contains language that could be considered offensive.

Brantley Gilbert is watching his fans as much as much they’re watching him when he’s on the stage.  During a weekend show, he noticed a male concert-goer’s bad behavior.  The country star is known for his rowdy live fanbase, but he has clear-cut boundaries – Gilbert won’t tolerate violence at his concerts.

Brantley didn’t have the full story, but he stopped the show, jumping down into the crowd to tell the guy to “chill the f**k out.  Settle down,” as captured by a fan’s video and posted to Tiktok.  Fans around began screaming to Brantley that the guy had just punched a girl in the face.  As the behavior was turning dangerous, Gilbert stopped the music, to set things straight.

One fan, whose account is kathryncrawford, captioned the video, “This is why we love Brantley Gilbert.  The man behind me punched a girl, and @brantleygilbert came right down!

It happened during a three-day run, which took him to Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Niagara Falls, over the weekend.

He will hit the road with Nickelback and Josh Ross, for the Get Rollin’ Tour in June.  They come to Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre Friday, August 18th.  Congratulations to everyone who has already won tickets from Bossman, here at 98.3 WCCQ!  

Brantley’s latest single, “Heaven By Then,” features Blake Shelton and Vince Gill.


Please note the following contains language that could be considered offensive.

@kathryncrawford This is why we love Brantley Gilbert, the man behind me punched a girl, and @brantleygilbert came right down! ❤️ #brantleygilbert #country #sohelpmegod #bgnation #getrollintour #fyp #foryou #sonofthedirtysouth ♬ original sound – Kathryn Crawford

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