Brady Paisley Signs With New Record Label

I have been hoping for some new music from Brad Paisley for awhile now, if you have too it looks like you won’t have to wait much longer!

Here’s why:

Brad Paisley has left Sony Music/Arista after 20 years for Universal Music Group Nashville.

Brad released a statement saying, “There were two people that should get the credit that you even know my name – Mike Dungan and Cindy Mabe. I ran into Mike at the fishing department at Walmart after having met with several labels, and he talked me into signing my first deal with Arista.”

He continued, “They assigned this woman named Cindy Mabe to me – we graduated the same day at Belmont. I got to work with her on my first few albums, and now I get to work with her at UMG. . . It’s an amazing thing to work with Mike and Cindy again. It’s great to know they believe in this music as much as I do.”

New music from his upcoming album is expected to drop this Friday.