Brad Paisley says he had real fears, going into the lockdown, back in March.  He was only two weeks into his world tour; and as he played his song, “Last Time for Everything,” in Canada, he felt overwhelmingly emotional and sad.  Paisley said he knew it would actually be his last performance for a while.

I didn’t know it [was] going to be this long, but…if I had known that, I would have broken down sobbing, not been able to sing it,” Paisley told ABC News.

So, Paisley turned his fears and helplessness into an initiative – to help those who suffer with food insecurities with his free, year-round grocery store, “The Store” in Nashville.  It is meant to help those who need food, period.  He also partnered with Feeding America for a new tour, the “Million Meals Donation Tour,” to bring food to those in need, across 16 major cities.  Paisley and his wife, Kimberly, have visited here, in Chicago, to keep the effort going.

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