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Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse 2021: Here’s Where & When You Can Watch

Early on the morning of May 26th, the Blood Moon, named for its red glow, will be visible from North America – but mostly from the Rocky Mountains over to the West Coast.
According to NASA, the Blood Moon is visible during a total lunar eclipse when the Earth aligns itself between the moon and the sun.
Notably, this Blood Moon will be a combination of May’s full Flower Moon, which is classified as a supermoon, and a total lunar eclipse.
As far as seeing it—that’s a bit complicated.  While the Blood Moon will be visible over eastern Asia, the Pacific Ocean, and the western U.S., most of the East Coast and central U.S. won’t get the best view as the moon will be below the horizon at the time of the full eclipse.
The following supermoon, the Strawberry Moon, will be visible along the East Coast on June 24th.
There are three more eclipses expected to take place before 2022.  Gaze at more, here:  (Fox)

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