Kelly Clarkson knows how to get Blake Shelton to spill the beans…  She recently grilled him about his childhood – and his participation in pageants.

Yes, yes, yes, I did those things,” Blake said. “I do remember my two specialties were, I did ‘Old Time Rock & Roll’ by Bob Seger, and I would do ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ by Ted Nugent, which didn’t go over very well with the soccer moms in the audience because, I don’t know if you ever heard that song or what it’s about, but you can imagine, I think.”

Clarkson also got her “Voice” co-star to admit he tried break-dancing, as a kid.

Kelly joked that he break-danced as a part of the talent portion of his pageants.  However, we all know that, to ensure a pageant win, Shelton’s voice was likely the key.

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