Blake Shelton Says He Doesn’t Miss ‘The Voice’

Blake Shelton isn’t missing “The Voice,” as he shared with Jennifer Hudson on her daytime talk show.

On Friday’s episode (November 17), Shelton said about missing his big red chair, “Not yet. I did that for 23 seasons; to be totally honest about it, I wasn’t even planning on being there that long.”

Shelton explained that COVID was the reason why he remained on the show for so long. “I was planning on wrapping it up around 20 seasons or 21 seasons,” he says, “and then COVID hit, and then I didn’t want to walk out on the show in the middle of COVID and them trying to scramble and figure out what to do. So I stayed. I didn’t have anything else to do anyway. So I stayed a little bit longer, but I stayed too long for me to now miss it.”

And the deeper reason Blake doesn’t miss his red chair is because he owns it. “I told them that it was the one thing I wanted — besides a bunch of money — to take home from The Voice was I wanted my red chair. So they did. They sent my red chair to Oklahoma.”