If you watched the Indy 500 over the weekend, you may have seen a bit of Blake Shelton’s handy work.  He helped Jimmie Johnson design his military-themed helmet for Sunday’s (5-29) race.

When Blake got a call from the NASCAR champion-turned-Indy Car-driver, he immediately said yes to the challenge, but added:  “I want it to look good!  So, I’m not going to totally do it by myself.  Most things that I draw are inappropriate.  So we won’t want that on his helmet. ”

Blake was there to watch the race; and it was his first time ever at the Indianapolis 500 event.

  • Blake’s dad served in the Honor Guard just after the Korean War and his brother was also in the Army.
  • For a chance to win the helmet, fans can donate to the American Legion. The American Legion Charities (mobilecause.com)
  • Winner will be announced September 13.


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