Best Family Fun or Fall Date: Keller’s Farmstand!

BIG thanks to every one who has come out to see us at KELLER’S FARMSTAND in Oswego!

So easy to get to, at 2500 Johnson Road (between Ridge Rd and Schlapp Rd – which you can get to from Plainfield Rd), Keller’s has every bit of Fall Fun, ready to go, for you.

If you’ve never had an Apple Cider Slushie, it’s time!!  Awesome.

May I tell you what a pleasure it is, for me, to meet all of you?  The “D-A-L-L-A-S Family” kids, Eric & Betty (love you guys – military family!), Martha and Cassandra and Carol and Neil and Nick – THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the fun!  Promised you pictures, so here you go!

May I also recommend the “Autumn Crisp” apple, which you can pick, yourselves, right in Keller’s Orchard, in Oswego?  Martha told me it stays fresh-looking for longer, after you cut it (so it’s perfect for little lunch eaters or pretty pies!).

Carol says you can “cut the squash in half, coat it with coconut oil or butter and spice, then nuke it for only a couple of minutes – dee-lish!”  I’m gonna do it.  Yum!

More thanks go to all the “major dads,” who helped us keep our WCCQ tent in place, in some aggressive breezes!

Congratulations to Rick Clements, of Plainfield, who won our raffle for the pair of tickets to see Jason Aldean & Kane Brown at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre!  Thanks to every one of you who entered.

For five generations, the Keller family has worked hard to make your seasonal experience perfectly seasoned.  With four locations to enjoy, you don’t ever have to miss out on their fresh, local sweet corn or squash or peppers or tomatoes or pumpkinsGreen beans, onions, zucchini and peppers?  Yep!  Plus, locally produced honey and every kind of salsa or pie filling or pickles?  You’ve got them at Keller’s…  Oswego, Plainfield, Naperville, and the Fox Valley Mall (Oswego and Naperville stay open through October).

And all your amazing Fall portraits have only gorgeous farm land, in the background.

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