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Before You Get Your Flu Shot: Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Before you get a flu shot, make sure you get a good night’s sleep.  Studies show that being underslept can cut your immune response by more than half.  So you don’t create as many antibodies, and the vaccine is less likely to work.


It’s important to get a flu shot this year, so we don’t have a double-barrel outbreak.  And because early symptoms are similar to COVID-19.  So if you DO get sick, you don’t want to confuse the two and assume it’s just the flu.

So here’s a good tip to make your flu shot as effective as possible.  Before you get your shot, make sure to get a good night’s sleep.

Studies have found that how much sleep you get makes a big difference in how well the flu vaccine works.  Because being underslept takes a huge toll on our immune system.

People who average less than seven hours a night are three times more likely to get sick with the common cold.  And less than five hours almost doubles your chances for pneumonia.

When your immune system isn’t at full strength, you don’t produce as many antibodies.  And that’s why it matters for the flu vaccine too.

Bad sleep habits, in the week leading up to your flu shot, can cut your immune response by more than HALF.  So you won’t create as many antibodies, and it might not work.

Get the full story, here:  (CNN)

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