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Beer run!

Looking for something to fun to get your weekend of and RUNNING…….
Late Night Beer Run is the perfect event for anyone who loves local craft beer just as much as they love exercise.We will start of each event @6:30 pm from DNA. The run is open to all ability levels…..but you must be over 21!! 🙂
The courses will always be between 3-4 miles in length. Runners can run at their own pace and are welcome to run the course hard to challenge themselves, or take it nice and easy to ensure they burn just enough calories to enjoy their ice cold beer afterwards!!
A new local beer will be served after each event. Runners have the option to purchase…1. Just the event ticket $10 (which will cover your two beers), 2. The DNA Beer Mug $20, 3. Follow Me To Beer Tee $20.
*40 runners maximum per event*

DNA Active Lifestyle Outfitters
Fri, Jun 25, 6:30PM
24210 W, 24210 Lockport St, Plainfield, IL


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