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Been Washing Our Hands Our Whole Lives… WRONG?

According to the University of Arizonaonly about 15% of us are washing our hands properly!

These days- it’s more vital than ever, because it remains our number one line of defense against getting sick… 

Since most infections are contracted after we touch other people, or surfaces, where harmful microbes can live…  Then we touch our own face or food.  Here are tips for making your hand washing matter:

  • First, your water temperature doesn’t matter.  In fact, research shows that cold water works just as well as hot when it comes to removing germs – But definitely use soap.  The combination of soap, water, and friction creates a foam that dissolves more bacteria off our skin and carries it away.
  • Next, anti-bacterial soap is not necessary, and those soaps and body washes don’t prevent illnesses any better than plain soap and water.
  • Last, don’t just let your hands drip dry.  Wet hands are more likely to pick up bacteria from whatever you touch next- like the restroom door handle.  The best hand drying option is paper towels. They rub off more bacteria than holding your hands under a dryer.  In fact- hand dryers can blow bacteria back all over your wet hands- possibly leaving you worse off than before you washed.  If you’re stuck in a bathroom without towels, shake off as much water as you can, and wipe your hands on your pants.  Soft materials don’t harbor germs as easily as hard surfaces.

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