‘Beauty and the Beast’:  Here’s Why Tim McGraw Is Still Intimidated by Faith Hill

Tim McGraw Is ‘Always Intimidated’ in THESE Moments with Faith Hill

Tim McGraw took to social media to share a unique Valentine, this week.  It shows his fondness for the first video that he and his wife, Faith Hill, ever did together.

The music video “It’s Your Love” debuted in the late 1990’s…  And McGraw watched the video with fans via social media for Valentine’s Day.

The 55-year-old gushed over his wife’s beauty in the video, saying, “I’m always intimidated making videos with Faith because she just is so beautiful.  I mean, she just — the camera loves her.  I always call them the ‘beauty and the beast’ videos.  That’s always been a special song to us, and it will always be a special song to us.”

If I’m not mistaken, the McGraws were still fairly newly married, and expecting their first of three daughters, who are now grown (and beautiful, like their famous mom).

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