BACKYARD BEACH:  Parents Are Making Edible Sand for Kids by Putting This in the Blender

What exactly is edible sand you ask?  Cheerios.

Parents are putting Cheerios in the blender, to create sand which you can eat.

This idea is really for the parents of toddlers, who just have to eat everything.  Educators and doctors know that little kids, typically age 1-2, often try to learn about things by putting them in their mouths.

It is cute – if you are trying to create a beach-like atmosphere while you maintain social distance from the beach.

Parents on TikTok advise you may want to keep the sand outside due to mess.

[As a parent/grandparent, I’m not sure I want my little to think it’s okay to eat “sand,” but it could be fun.  You’ll know best!  ~ Mo ]

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