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Back to School Anxiety: Prep Kids Weeks in Advance – Like NOW

Back To School Anxiety:  Start Prepping Kids for Return to In-Person Learning Weeks in Advance, Experts Say

If your child will return to in-person learning this school-year, experts say you should start preparing him or her, now.

Dr. Carmen Lopez-Arvizu, a psychiatrist, says that, after months of digital learning, kids are going to have lots of questions and worries; and it’s important for parents to keep calm so children can feel secure.

She says, to facilitate the transition back to school, parents should first inform themselves of school districts’ COVID-related safety guidelines and then begin to prepare the child, weeks ahead of the new school year.

She adds that parents should scale back children’s sleep schedule by about 15-20 minutes each day, beginning about two weeks before the new school year begins, and parents should then talk to children about the transition to help ease their child into a new school, grade, or building.  Plus, consider driving the planned bus route or visiting the campus – so the child can have some exposure, and understanding, before the first day of school.

Experts also say it’s important to discuss grief, associated with the pandemic, whether it was the loss of a family member or missed educational and social opportunities.  Try to validate their feelings and worries.

In addition, they say some level of anxiety is normal, and it’s also normal for some kids to be excited about seeing friends and the return to normality.

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  • Experts say it’s normal for your child to have anxiety about returning to school after home learning during the pandemic, and that it’s important for parents to slowly get them ready, including listening and validating their worries and feelings

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