Avanti Fine Furniture

Bill and RoseAnn Gizzi started in the Furniture business as Prima Furniture in 1976 in the building on 55th and Archer, in the Garfield Ridge neighborhood of Chicago.

In 1988, we moved the store to Worth, Il and named it Avanti Fine Furniture. Prima means “1st” in Italian and Avanti means “move forward” in Italian, so we named the new store Avanti because we were going forward from the 1st store.

In 2001, we moved from the small store in Worth to a 25,000 square foot location in Frankfort, IL. We have now been in business for 45 years. We do not outsource our delivery or service department, as most stores in our market do.

Bill is from Italy and is a trained furniture finisher. We have a tremendous amount of experience and provide a strong level of service to every client.

We are a family owned store!