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Ashley Monroe’s Cancer Will Never Go Away – but It Is Manageable

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In a new interview, Ashley Monroe reveals that her form of cancer will never go away, but with treatment she can keep it at bay.  And she’s releasing a five-song EP today called “Covers.”


It’s been almost two months since Ashley Monroe revealed her cancer diagnosis.  In a new interview with Rolling Stone she talked about how she’s feeling, her ongoing treatment, and the new album that she’s releasing today.

It’s a five-song EP called “Covers” and it’s versions of radio hits from different eras.  (Here’s Ashley and Ruston Kelly covering the classic hit “Love Hurts.”)

As for her treatment:  She’s been through two cycles of chemo.  Monroe says the most important thing is that she CANNOT get sick because her immune system is low.  Quote, “I literally am just at home every day.”

Although the cancer is treatable, it’ll always be with her.  Quote, “Apparently this kind [of cancer] will never go away, but the treatments I’m doing can at least keep it at bay.  [But] yeah.  They say it’s for life.”

On a lighter note:  She was reminded that it’s been 10 years since the Pistol Annies’ first album.  She said, quote, “It was the beginning of something we’ll be doing until we’re old ladies . . . which, we’re 10 years closer to being old ladies.”


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