Ashley McBryde Tells Her Whole Truth On ‘The Devil I Know’

Ashley McBryde is a singer-songwriter who founded her career on brutal truths and unrelenting sincerity. Her latest album, The Devil I Know, is her most confident and open work to date.

However, not all of the lessons McBryde discusses on this album are ones she learnt subtly. In “Learned to Lie,” she ties her past dishonest relationships to the terrible upbringing she had while her father was “workin’ late foggin’ up the windows of a ’89 Sable.”

McBryde triumphs against her demons while also embracing them; in one line, she romanticizes life on the road but in the next, she longs for just one more day at home with her mother.

The Devil I Know is available on all streaming platforms, and Ashley will embark on a tour for her new album later this year.

Which track is your favorite off her new album so far?