Artist Claims Intimate & Toxic Relationship with ‘The Mona Lisa’ – Yes, the Painting
Man Bizarrely Claims He Has Intimate Relations with Famous Art Masterpiece ‘The Mona Lisa’

A famous artist claims he is having a sexual relationship with master artist Leonardo DaVinci‘s the Mona Lisa.

Domingo Zapata has been dubbed the next Andy Warhol…  He says he’s been obsessed with the Mona Lisa for over a decade – and dreams of having sex with the woman in the famous portrait – which he uses as the basis for many of his iconic reinterpretations.

Zapata rose to fame with his digital takes on the Mona Lisa.  And they’ve sold for large sums of money.

In fact, they, too, are displayed in The Louvre in Paris.

He claims his success is due to the intimate bond he has formed with the painting.

Of his relationship with the Mona Lisa, Zapata claims:  “It is almost one of those toxic relationships that never goes away.  You keep going back to it and you cannot move on even after 100 versions.  I am working on one right now. It’s a mess.

It does sound like some relationships we’ve all seen, in some ways.  But it also sounds like a very good marketing gimmick.

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  • Famous artist Domingo Zapata says he obsessed with the Mona Lisa, has intimate relations with the woman from the painting, in his dreams, and says his fame is due to the famous painting
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