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Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Upset More So-Called “Patriots” Don’t Honor the Real Heroes on Veterans Day

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER went to a cemetery yesterday to pay tribute to the veterans buried there.  And he was upset to see so few people there.  He bashed people for showing up to political rallies in the thousands, but not even bothering to honor our REAL heroes.


Arnold Schwarzenegger spent Veterans Day like he always does . . . visiting Los Angeles National Cemetery to pay tribute to the “true action heroes” who made America what it is.

In an Instagram video, he said, quote, “I owe everything to you, everything that happened in my life, all the successes, it’s because of you.  Thank you.”

But it bothered him that so few people were at the cemetery.  And when he got home, he posted a follow-up message, taking aim at people who claim to be patriots, but don’t honor our vets.

He said, quote, “It doesn’t make any sense that in this cemetery where there were almost 100,000 [veterans] buried, there were only about 20 people walking around . . .

“But then . . . 20,000 or so go to a political rally where someone promises to them to make America great.  But the fact of the matter is, those veterans are the ones that made America great . . .

“So I hope that next year when I go back to that cemetery, that I will see you 20,000 that are so patriotic.  I hope I see you there.  I think it’s a discussion that we should have, the definition of patriotism.”

(Speaking of Arnold, he’s doing a spy show for Netflix.  It’ll be his first scripted series.)



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