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Are You Turning Into Your Parents?

Portrait Of Family Relaxing On Sofa Together

THE TOP 20 SIGNS YOU’RE TURNING INTO ONE OF YOUR PARENTS … According to a new survey by One Poll

  1. You dress for comfort, not fashion

  2. You start to realise that most of the time, your parents were right all along

  3. You think that all modern music is terrible

  4. Falling asleep on the sofa

  5. You use the same phrases, like: “You’re not going out like that”

  6. You save all old boxes, tins and bags, “just in case”

  7. You tell your kids off in the same way

  8. You rely on your kids for tech support

  9. You get obsessed with weather reports

  10. You’re constantly nagging

  11. You get your first grey hairs

  12. You pick the same arguments they did

  13. You get past the age they were when they had you

  14. Telling the same joked again and again

  15. You tell your kids off by using their full name

  16. Regularly using the phrase “Go ask your mum/dad”

  17. When you leave the bathroom in the morning, you realise it now has “a smell” you recognise from your own childhood

  18. Your kids mock your fashion sense

  19. You have the same driving habits

  20. You look in the mirror one day and realize you look like them

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