Are You Putting Up your Christmas Tree, Already, as a “Fall Tree”? It’s a Thing.

There’s a new trend where people are ALREADY putting up their Christmas trees . . . but they’re decorating them with things like leaves and pumpkins to make them “fall Christmas trees.”


If you keep your Christmas tree in your house all year long, will it ruin the magic of having it go up for Christmas?

Over the course of this year, we’ve heard of people keeping their trees LONG after Christmas and dressing them up for different holidays, like Valentine’s Day trees and St. Patrick’s Day trees.  Now, we’re seeing trees go up, in the window, with pumpkins on them.

There’s actually a new trend on Instagram – where people are putting up “fall Christmas trees” and decorating them with things like leaves and pumpkins.  Is this because so many people are at home, so much, now?

Maybe it seems easier to get it up, now, then just change it up, once Thanksgiving rolls around… take down the fall decorations and replace them with your Christmas decorations.  Or does this make things harder, with a whole new set of tree duties and supplies, for each holiday that it’s up?

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