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Are You Proud to Be an American? Here Are Ten Things Foreigners Love About the U.S.

As Independence Day approaches, a new poll reveals that 70% of us, in the U.S., feel PROUD to be American.  Only 8% say they’re not proud at all.

Someone on Reddit asked people from other countries to name things they love or envy about America.  And there are a lot of great answers.  Some of the things are big, and some are small things you probably don’t think about.  Here are some highlights:

1.  How diverse our nation is…  Meaning the people, the food, the architecture, AND the geography.  We’ve got everything from cities and beaches to mountains and deserts.

2.  Freedom of speech, and the fact that we can openly criticize the government.  People still can’t do it in some countries, under threat of harm, or even death.

3.  How many entertainment options there are.  We’ve got a lot more TV, movies, and music to choose from.

4.  How nice, talkative, and helpful we are in general.  It doesn’t always feel like it, but a BUNCH of people mentioned that one.

One person said they were totally thrown off when someone greeted them by saying, “How are you?”  We also say “thank you” more than other countries.

5.  How big houses and apartments are in general.  Someone in Hong Kong said anything over 1,000 square feet is “super luxurious.”

6.  The fact that we can turn right on red lights.

7.  Free refills at restaurants.

8.  NASA and SpaceX.  Most countries can’t rocket people into orbit.  And we’re still the only country that’s put people on the Moon.

9.  ZIP codes and phone numbers are easier.  Some countries use a combination of letters and numbers instead of ZIP codes.  And all our phone numbers have the same number of digits.

10.  Food innovations.  One person specifically mentioned KFC‘s Double Down sandwich.  Quote, “My country NEVER would have thought of replacing the bread in a KFC chicken sandwich with two pieces of chicken.”

Check it all out at:  Reddit


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