Are You More Detail-Oriented When You’re in a Bad Mood or a Good One?
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Study:  Bad Moods Make Us Detail-Oriented  

Feeling grumpy can actually make you a better proofreader, or detail-checker.  So, a great way to Work Smarter Not Harder is to do such tasks when you’re not your happiest.

Research appears to confirm:  When we’re in a bad mood, we can identify written inconsistencies faster than when we’re in a happy mood.

We show that when people are in a negative mood, they are more careful and analytical.  They scrutinize what’s actually stated in a text,” Professor Vicky Lai explains.

Participants, in a University of Arizona study, watched either a sad movie or a funny TV show.  Then, they were asked to analyze a story with some critical errors, like suggesting that “it’s harder to drive at night with lights on,” which is wrong.  Those who recently watched sad content were more critical, or found the errors.

Next time you’re in a bad mood, proofread those emails and papers!

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