Are You an Artist?  Aurora Needs You – and Will Pay You

Comic Book Utility Box Murals

Aurora Public Art will be sponsoring six new utility box murals, this summer.

The designs to be painted this year will comprise a single comic book, and take viewers on a visual story-journey, from each utility box to the next, to experience the full story of Aurora’s history as the City of Lights.

Aurora Public Art seeks artists who would paint individual utility boxes in their own styles, which would be based on the provided comic book story line.  It’s created by the lead designer for the project, Aurora-based, nationally-renowned comic book artist, Gaiter.

This call is for experienced Artists to submit portfolios of past work, which is relevant to this project.

Preference will go to Artists with experience in creating comic book art and a demonstrated ability to paint at a large scale.

Each selected artist will be provided with one of six utility boxes in Downtown Aurora; and each completed box will display four pages of the comic book.

Sizes of available utility boxes vary; artists will be paid between $750 and $2,000 to design and paint a utility box, depending on the square footage of each box.

Selected artists will work with Gaiter and Aurora Public Art to ensure consistency across the six utility boxes prior to design work.

Important Dates
Submission Deadline: 5/21/2023
Notification of Acceptance: 5/30/2023
Installation Deadline: July 31, 2023

Cost to apply: Free


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