Are You a Last-Minute Valentine Gifter?  Guess Who IS?
Americans Wait Until The Last Minute to Buy Valentine’s Day Gifts  

Pretty much all of us are pretty pathetic procrastinators, when it comes to planning our Valentine effort.

For the last two years, about half of all spending on Valentines Day flowers, candy, and cards occurred between February 11th and February 14th.  Sales have peaked on February 14th itself.

75% of red roses, sold at Walmart, were sold on February 13th and 14th.

Although stores begin pushing their Valentine’s Day inventory weeks ahead of the day, before the holiday itself, most consumers save their shopping for the last minute,” Amanda Schoenbauer of Numerator said.

Candy is the most popular gift.  Cards come in second place.

Here’s the good news:  If you’re not celebrating till THIS weekend, you’ll be right on time – and you’ll get your gifts at a discount.  But don’t wait too long:  Many retailers have already cleared out their leftover Valentine inventory for Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter.

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