Apple’s New Operating System Adds ‘Stolen Device Protection’

Apple’s new operating system has beefed up its security measures against iPhone thieves.

The new iOS 17.3 beta, which was sent out to developers on Tuesday, includes a “Stolen Device Protection” feature that requires Face I.D. or Touch I.D. authentication for a number of actions, including accessing passwords and passkeys stored in iCloud Keychain, Apple officials say. It also requires the extra level of security for applying for an Apple Card, turning off Lost Mode, erasing content, changing settings and more, according to Apple. That means even if someone manages to steal someone’s iPhone and its password, the thief still won’t be able to use it.

The new security feature – which is expected to become available to the public in January or February — will be available for all iPhones that are compatible with iOS 17, including the iPhone XS and all newer models, Apple reports.

What are some downsides to this new security feature?