Does anyone really, honestly like it? If so, what are you mixing with it?

I’m not talking the vinegar.  I’m not talking about the juice.  I’m talking Halloween season and the warm apple cider that seems to be over-shadowed by all this pumpkin flavored stuff.  But in the way back, pumpkin this and pumpkin that wasn’t even a glimmer in the eyes of fall.  Nope.  On a chilly fall night, folks would warm up some fermented apple cider and get loopy on the stuff.  But was it for the taste?  Was it for the warmth?  Or did it make for one heck of a mixer for your favorite spirits?  Let us know what you think.  Some people can’t stand the stuff.



Early pic…same great folks Oooohhhh…So good! Don’t need ’em. Why keep ’em? An “unwelcome” visitor?? It’s too much too soon!! Str-izza???