Another Round? Blake Shelton’s ‘Barmageddon’ Renewed for Season 2

Blake Shelton is leaving The Voice this year, but his TV career isn’t finished. Shelton’s Barmageddon was renewed for the second season on USA Network.

Carson Daly is expected to return as the show’s host, as he announced its renewal on social media. Season two will have what fans loved in Season 1 and some surprises.

In a teaser for season two, Carson Daly says, “New games. More celebs. More drinks. More talking smack,” Daly then clinks his cup with Shelton’s toasting to, “More Barmageddon.”

Nikki (Bella) Garcia has yet to confirm her return to the show. Season 2’s debut date has yet to be determined. Season one of “Barmageddon” is streaming on Peacock.

Have you watched Season two? What did you think of it? I thought it was pretty entertaining and I loved the air gun bean bag game!