Annie Vander

After an accident that caused Annie to end a career in the veterinary and pet care world, she found music again after putting it aside for many years.

Before her working life with animals, Annie was involved in music throughout her childhood and up to her early twenties. So after her accident, she just needed to get back to her roots. Singing literally became part of her therapy, as she healed and navigated a difficult diagnoses with CRPS, a rare neurologic disorder from the injuries she suffered.

Now in remission, and with a new keyboard she learned to play, this Chicagoland girl is is going places.

Annie began working with a very talented artist coach from Nashville, via Zoom, when the first Covid lockdown started in March of 2020. She soon after made a trip to music city to record her debut single, Trust Me, at the famous Hilltop Studio.

Also working with an amazing producer, she had a cast of top talent and award winning musicians, from the country music industry, on her first song.

Annie is still writing and she is heading back to Nashville to keep the music coming!! Keep your ears peeled, this girl is going places!