An “unwelcome” visitor??

For years now, a little visitor has come calling, wreaking havoc, or spreading peaceful cheer in the weeks before Christmas.  Many times, this little visitor would “help” wrap gifts, or dine on syrup covered cereal or even go fishing in the the toilet bowl.  However, as the years pass, the person whom the little house guest is visiting, grows “tired” of the visits.  Apathy sets in and the visitor seems to go unnoticed.  Or worse of, the visitor no longer is able to induce the Christmas spirit like it once could.

With that said, should the happy, sometimes devious, little visitor stop coming?  Some say yes.  I say NO…emphatically.

The Elf on the Shelf is not just a watcher of children who then reports back to Santa.  The Elf on the Shelf is a friend.  A morale booster.  A tradition, albeit a relatively new tradition that Santa has developed.  And while frustrating at times, cleaning up messes made by the little guy or gal, it’s a tradition that had put smiles on the faces of kids everywhere.

If you had or still have an Elf visiting your home, is there a time to ask Santa to cease and desist?  Or will your home welcome Santa’s little helper for years to come?

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