American Kids Are Hooked on THESE – and They’re Not Good
American Kids Are Hooked on Video Game Stimulants

Drinks like G FUEL have become extremely popular as so-called “video game supplements.”  But they’re actually taking much good health away from our teens.

And, an estimated 50% of U.S. adolescents drink these energy drinks.

That’s because one serving of these ultra-caffeinated supplements can contain twice as much caffeine as a can of Red Bull – or more.

What’s worse?  Cartoon mascots and social media influencers make the supplements even more appealing to teens.

These drinks may give you a boost, but that boost is very temporary and it can have other effects on your health, especially with sleep,” Dr. Melendres said.

Consuming caffeine, during teenage years, especially, has been linked to attention issues, anxiety, and addiction.

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