American Idol Contestant Abruptly Stops Performance, Slams Luke Bryan

American Idol Contestant Abruptly Stops Performance And Slams Luke Bryan

During Hollywood Week, on American Idol, Madai ChaKell faced tension with judge Luke Bryan, after a shaky performance of Ariana Grande’s “Tattooed Heart.”

Ok, we’re going to do this acapella,” she argued.  “Because that’s not flowing the way we practiced.”  Bryan called her performance “shaky,” asking if her voice was okay.  She stopped the performance twice and argued for an acapella rendition.

Despite some redemption, the judges gave tepid applause and criticized her attitude.  “Is your voice ok, Luke?” she barked back.  “Because I haven’t heard you sing!  Obviously, I can sing.”

Viewers on social media expressed disdain for her behavior, with some calling for her elimination.

Ultimately, Madai was sent home by the judges, during the cuts.

What did you think of Madai Chakell’s American Idol performance?

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