SOS:  Will You Provide a Little Christmas Cheer for a Sailor at Great Lakes?

Hi, it’s Mo ~  

Once in a while, we get a request from a local military/veteran support group to lend a hand…  Here’s what we got in the Mo’s Country Club mailbag:  The good souls at Support Over Stigma ask us to please consider sending Christmas cheer to a sailor, up at Great Lakes Naval Base, this holiday.  

You can see what it means to them.  Some of these gals and guys joined our military because, well, they really don’t have family.  

Thanks so much for your heartfelt interest – and for spreading the word – if you can spare a moment – or even just a prayer. 

SOS is dedicated, particularly, to helping military families who deal with PTSD, or the loss which, too often, comes with it.  

My family may be Army Strong, but we’re ALL in this.  🙂

Sponsor a Sailor – $15

From Zoeie at SOS: 

Tonight I received a call from someone who works at Great Lakes Naval Base.   With the entire place on Lockdown, due to COVID, there will be no Christmas Exodus, No Community sponsored dinners, no Hosting of Sailors in local homes… 

Morale is lower than the Grinch’s heart!  We are trying to sponsor gifts for as many of them as we can

If you are able to help for just $15 per Sailor, please click the link below.  Thank you!



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