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A lot Of People Can’t Do 10 Push-Ups! Can You?

If your fitness goal is to be able to complete more than 10 push-ups in a row . . . that may not have seemed ambitious.  But maybe it is. How Many push-ups can you do?



A new survey asked people how many push-ups they could do in a row, and 36% of people said “less than five.”  Another 17% said six to 10.



That means the majority of Americans, 53%, can’t do more than 10 push-ups.  And that’s self-reported, so there are surely people who think they can do push-ups, or want to do them!



On the other end, 12% of people claim they can do more than 50 push-ups in a row, or more,  including 6% of people 65 and older. Keep trying to do those push-ups!


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