Back in December, a bride’s Facebook post went viral because, well, it was NEXT LEVEL CRAZY.
She gave guests a very specific dress code based on their WEIGHT . . . basically, thinner people had to wear specific colors, heavier people had to wear black. And she also required that they spend at least $1,000 on their outfit.
After the post went viral, the bride freaked out, and she said she was going to give all of her bridesmaids a lie detector test to see who leaked it.
Well, she ACTUALLY did it . . . and it worked.
She says on Saturday, all of her bridesmaids showed up to take the polygraph, which she bought for $99 on Amazon. And it found the leaker. Quote, “My former friend Stephanie was immediately removed from the property. She confessed to leaking my posts and ridiculing me online.”
And beyond that, the wedding is still on . . . WITH the full dress code requirements. Oh, and now she’s also demanding people submit pictures of how they look in their outfits so she can tell everyone, quote, “what is wrong and how to improve it.” Here’s more from The Sun. 

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