8 Ways to Feel Less Stressed in 10 Minutes or Less
Tired businessman working late on laptop while sitting at illuminated desk in office

A variety of things, events and people can make you feel stressed out.  It happens to all of us.

However:  A new survey says 48% of employed adults say that work is their main stressor.

29% say stress impacts their sleep.  24% say they have experienced emotional changes due to stress.

Here are some expert tips to alleviate stress in 10 minutes or less

  • Mindful breathing
  • Deep breathing
  • Soothing words
  • Focus on the present
  • Receive a hug
  • Go for a walk
  • Visualization energy and confidence
  • Find a safe, quiet, solitary place to have an adult tantrum – or a good cry – and let it all out

When you are feeling stressed how do you let it out?

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