According to the men’s magazine website, Mantelligence, there are seven ways to know that a lady really likes you.

If a woman does any of these, you may consider it a sign that she’s into you.

  1.  Future Plans – If she’s willing to say, “Sure, I’d love to go with you, Saturday,” or “Yes, let’s both attend that meeting,” or sets you into her schedule, that’s a good sign.
  2.  Intelligence Gathering – If she asks questions about you, or asks you a lot about yourself, that’s good.  A woman needs to be able to tell her friends or family a little about you, to see if you’ll fit in.
  3.  Tag Along – If she wants you to do it, then go!  “Hey, I wonder if you wanna come by my house, later, because a couple of my friends are stopping by,” or “We’re having a virtual quarantini cocktail, Friday, could I send you the invite?”  …these are very good signs.
  4.  Coy Gaze – If you don’t know what this is, then you’re not ready.  The lingering look, with the flirtatious smile or wink or simmer…
  5.  Personal Sharing – When a woman begins to tell you a little more about herself, which could risk disagreement or loss of connection, that’s actually a good sign.  She’s testing the water, to see if you’d swim well, together.
  6.  Breakthrough Attempt – If she’s willing to try something you love, though she’s got no experience with it, that’s a very good sign.
  7.  Social Media – If a woman interacts with you, fairly regularly, and mostly “likes” your posts, or engages you in post conversation (without acting like a stalker), that’s good!

Check the complete story from Mantelligence, HERE.

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