41% of Us Have Had Conversations with Our Pets in Lockdown

A survey found the top benefits of having a pet in lockdown are you’re not as lonely, not as anxious, and you get more exercise.  41% said it also gives you someone to talk to.


Here’s a stat that’s in no way sad:  A new survey found 41% of people with pets have had conversations with their cat or dog while stuck at home during the pandemic.

Three out of four pet owners say they would have gone nuts by now if they didn’t have a pet.  Here are the top benefits of having a cat or dog at home during the crisis . . .

1.  They’ve helped you feel less alone.

2.  They’ve helped with anxiety

3.  Playing and going on walks has forced you to get at least SOME exercise.

4.  It gives you someone to talk to.

5.  Taking care of them gives you a schedule to help get through the day.

Over a third of people said their pets have also made them feel more positive in general.  Two-thirds have learned something new about their pet in quarantine.  And 76% said they feel closer to them than they did pre-COVID.

Here’s one more fun stat:  73% of cat owners say their cats are SICK of having them around, and could use some alone time.

And here’s even more:  (SWNS)

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