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FRISKY FRIDAY: Re-Kindle Your Romance, This Summer. Here’s How.

Want to RE-KINDLE the SUMMER ROMANCE which got things HOT for you, both, in the first place?  According to Lisa L. Payne, at, you should try these FIVE HOT TIPS:

  1.  Update Your Look – Do something a little different with your hair or your overall image.  Maybe that’s a hot new dress and a pedicure or a hat and boots…
  2. Be Spontaneous – Run away, for the day, together.  Turn your phones off and escape; even if you only sneak to some spot in your own neighborhood…  sneak away, together.
  3. Try Something New – Grab some camping gear and get far away.  Or, take a cooking class…
  4. Be Lazy – Payne says, “spice things up with a day-long bed-in. Get up and stretch every now and then, but enjoy a quiet day, reading to each other, listening to music, and cuddling. Tell me you wouldn’t want it to rain every day!”
  5. Have Fun“Remember what you and your partner used to do when you first started dating?  Where did he take you?  What was the most fun?  Revisit those places and rekindle that spark you once had.  Yes, this can happen at a bowling alley, roller rink or fast food restaurant.  Your tastes might not have been so refined; but your love life was pretty spicy, so, it’s worth the try!”          [You’ll notice that these suggestions do not require a fat wallet!]

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