$284 Million Spent on Illinois Governor’s Race

This combination of March 20, 2018, file photos shows Illinois Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, left, and J.B. Pritzker, his Democratic challenger in the November election. Rauner and Pritzker will face off in their first two-way debate of the Illinois governor's race Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018 (AP Photo/File)

The USA TODAY says more than $284-Million was spent by all the candidates for Illinois Governor. According to the USA TODAY the eventual winner J.B. Prtizker  raised $175.6 million – nearly all of it from his own pocket. Rauner collected more than $79 million for the re-election bid. Another $29.3 million has been raised by primary challengers, the Conservative Party and Libertarian Party nominees and independent groups. Maybe I’m a bit naive, but wouldn’t it had been great if one of the candidates said they’d put that money into paying down Illinois’ debt instead of advertising which is now money spent. Just a thought. Carol says they wouldn’t get elected if they just put that money into the debt. I’m not so sure. Either way that seems like a lot of wasted money!



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